Penetration Bitumen 85/100

Bitumen 85/100 is also one of the most bitumen grades for industrial usages, road construction and other projects. Below is the product’s specification table which will be documented and certified by SGS or any third party inspection company the client wishes:

Bitumen 85/100

Property / UnitSpecification Test method
Specific gravity @ 25/25° C1.01~1.05ASTM D70
Penetration @ 25° C85/100ASTM D5
Softening point ° C45/52ASTM D36
Ductility @ 25° C100 minASTM D113
Loss on Heating (wt) %0.5 maxASTM D6
Drop in Penetration after Heating %20 maxASTM D5-D6
Flash point ° C250 minASTM D92
Organic Matter Insoluble in Cs2 (wt) %0.2 maxASTM D4
Solubility in Cs2 (wt) %99.5 minASTM D4
Spot TestNegative٭A.A.S.H.O.T.102

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