Cutback Bitumen MC-250

Cutback agents are used to lower viscosity of bitumen when it is applied as a primer to the surface of a road pavement aggregate base course or substrate. Kerosene is used as a bitumen cutback agent at different concentrations according to local conditions and requirements.

The cutback bitumen is ideal for prime coat and cold applied because of easy uses and no need to thinning and heating.

Cutback bitumen MC250 consist of initial incorporation of asphalt into the surface of non-asphalt based course preparatory to any superimposed treatment of construction.

The cutback asphalt MC250 applying to waterproofing of surfaces plug capillary voids, coat and bond loose mineral particles.

Current common uses are in penetrating prime coats and in producing patching or stockpile mixtures. Cutback asphalt used in mixing with aggregate will usually contain an adhesion agent to assist in the coating of the aggregate surface.

Specification of cutback bitumen MC-250:

cutback bitumen MC-250

Property / UnitSpecification Test method
Kinematic viscosity at 60°c ,cST250~500ASTM D2170
Flash point(tag open cup), °c66ASTM D3143
 Distillate, percent by Volume of total 360°C
To 190°C10 maxASTM D402
To 225°C15~55ASTM D402
To 260°C60~87ASTM D402
To 316°C67 minASTM D402
Test on Residue from distillation test
Viscosity at 140°f(60°c)30~120ASTM D2170
Penetration 77°f(25°c) 100g,5s mm120~250ASTM D5
Ductility 77°f(25°c) 5cm/min cm100 minASTM D113
Solubility in trichloroethylene %99 minASTM D2042
Water, percent volume0.2 maxASTM D95

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