As an independent private refinery specialized in bitumen industry, P.P.P was established and began to build its own bitumen blowing plant for providing the best product.
We have enjoyed updated standard system and utilized modern technologies for construction of its plant and facilities.
The entire production line is under supervision of experienced and professionally skilled staff and the quality of products is under sever supervision of Q.C department based on the results of daily Lab tests.
We are willing to minimized the environmental hazards by waste management and recycling and pollutant reduction principles.
We provide reliable superior quality products and responsive services to our customers.


One of our refinery ‘s General director’s major concerns is having a prominent unique R&D department in order to be always up to date and provide new products based on new technological research.


we are committed to follow all international standards. we are determined to test our product in our high tech equipped laboratory using the latest technology. Our bitumen is monitored closely during production line to be completely qualified.

Bitumen Test

To guarantee quality in construction and road projects, bitumen undergoes tests like penetration, softening point, viscosity, ductility, flash point, and specific gravity, evaluating consistency, durability, and workability. you can check Bitumen test page in golden batis, there is a good article about bitumen quality test and it process.

Penetration Test

The Penetration Test: Unveiling Bitumen’s Consistency

The penetration test serves as a fundamental method for evaluating the consistency and hardness of bitumen, offering valuable insights into its properties. This widely adopted standardized procedure involves measuring the depth, in tenths of a millimeter, to which a specialized needle penetrates the bitumen sample under controlled conditions of temperature, load, and duration.

Understanding Penetration Values

The resulting penetration value directly correlates with the stiffness of the bitumen. A higher value suggests softer bitumen, allowing for deeper needle penetration, whereas a lower value indicates harder bitumen with greater resistance.

The Importance of Penetration Testing

This seemingly straightforward test holds significant importance in several aspects:

  1. Tailored Selection: Optimal road construction demands bitumen that strikes a balance between firmness to withstand traffic loads and flexibility to resist cracking in cold weather. Through penetration testing, suitable bitumen grades can be identified to meet the specific requirements of each project.

  2. Quality Control: Penetration testing ensures consistency within bitumen batches and adherence to industry standards, guaranteeing quality and reliability.

It’s crucial to recognize that while the penetration test provides valuable insights, it is just one facet of a comprehensive evaluation process. Bitumen undergoes a series of additional tests to assess various properties, ensuring its optimal performance in diverse construction applications

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