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3PBitumen is a specialized refinery of quality bitumen in Iran. This production complex has been operating for many years and has many customers from all over the world. The most important feature of 3PBitumen is producing high quality bitumen and sending it immediately to all countries.
This company exists in the beautiful city of Isfahan in Iran. You can contact us to meet you in person at the 3PBitumen office.

Types of bitumen

In this section, you can see the types of bitumen produced in Iran.

Bitumen MC-250
Bitumen MC-250
Cutback agents are used to lower the viscosity of bitumen when it is applied as a primer to the surface of a road pavement aggregate base course or substrate. Kerosene is used as a bitumen cutback agent at different concentrations according to…
Bitumen 60/70
Bitumen 60/70
Penetration Bitumen 60-70 are used as components for road construction. This product must not be used in applications other than the above without first seeking the advise of the supplier. Bitumen 60/70 Property / Unit Specification Test method…
Bitumen 80/100
Bitumen 80/100

Bitumen 85/100 is also one the most popular bitumen grades for industrial usages, road construction and other projects. Below is the product’s specification table which will be documented and certified by SGS or any third party inspection company…

Bitumen 40/50
Bitumen 40/50
Bitumen 40/50 is another type / grade of bitumen we can provide our clients. Below is the product’s specification table which will be documented and certified by SGS or any third party inspection company the client…

ISO 9001 :2015

Specialized bitumen refineries in the world that have ISO 9001 produce high quality bitumen. This can be the best way to trust bitumen refineries.

Iran Bitumen Services Catalog
Service Catalog

What are our services?

“We are committed not only to provide the best quality bitumen but also to contribute in development of road and construction projects for countries around the world.”Petro patleh parsian manufacturing company is the leading producer and provider of bitumen with high qualified various packing system in bulk, drum and … bitumen in IRAN.P.P.P Company produce different grades of bitumen using state of art technology.p.p.p is committed to deliver bitumen in clean and socially responsible way.

We are involved in refinering and packaging different grades of bitumen such as 60-70 we can facilitate exporting bitumen from Bandar Abbas port.We are committed to follow…

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