Drum bitumen

Drummed bitumen has been the most common type of packaging during the past 15-20 years. Qualities of the drums have been improving during these years. Therefore most of the bitumen buyers around the world, prefer to have drummed bitumen for their purchase orders. We normally use New Steel Drums for packing. Drums vary in terms of net weight capacity, height and body thickness.

We have following types of drums;

140 KG net | 155 KG net | 182 KG net | 220 KG net

140 KG and 155 KG net weight drums are normally used for South East Asia market, mainly in Indonesia and Bangladesh. In regards to body thickness, we have following types of drums ;

0.6 mm | 0.7 mm | 1 mm

1mm drums normally are the same 220 KG net weight drums. These drums are also used for Oil products. The most common and standard drums have the body thickness of 0.6 mm.

Height of the drums are 98 CMs for standard drums and 86 CM for small drums ( 140 KG and 155 KE net drums ) , however we have the required tools to adjust the height of the drums, based on the customer’s choice.

bulk bitumen


We are able to deliver full load bitumen vessel from Bandar Abbas to worldwide. The possible capacity of loading is up to 70000 tons and before asking any quotation regarding bulk bitumen needed to check Q88 of vessel. it is checking height of vessel and compatibility with anchorage specifications.

Bulk Bitumen engages in the purchase, storage, and sale of bitumen in bulk for the local market.


For transporting hot bitumen and warm heavy oils in cylindrical stainless steel pressure vessels with high-grade insulation, manufactured according to current ADR Class 3 and 9 requirements and VTS road traffic laws. Single or dual-chamber vessels with pressure unloading installations, heated or unheated.


Petro Patleh Parsian Company is committed to deliver bitumen in clean and socially responsible way. Depending on our customer’s destination we choose the most convenient and fastest possible way of transportation.


we are using also a new method of packaging called “poly cube” which is our unique merit in comparison with other bitumen producer.

Bitumen poly bags

Polymer Bags have nowadays started to become one of the most-demanding types of packing from customers around the world. There are different reasons behind this factor such as;

– No waste at destination once cargo arrives.

– Melt able in melting machine without impacting the quality of the bitumen

– Easier to handle

– Parallel price with drums packing while loading higher capacity per 20’ DC unit.

– Being in various weights, such as 25KG, 50KG, 300 KG, 800 KG and 1000 KG.

We are capable to provide you in Polybags – based on your choice – in different weight capacities. Our Polybags are made of two layers of Polymer as well as an extra internal layer. These Polybags can be easily melted in melting machine along with bitumen and it makes the road look a little bit more shiny.

bitumen poly bags

Bitumen in pallets

We can also provide you with pallet packing of the bitumenmarket .There can fit 40x drums on each pallet, Each 20’dc containers can take 20 x pallets.Weight of each pallet is 16 KG, therefore total weight of 20 pallets per 20’dc container will be 320 kg.Total weight of 80x drums in each 20’dc unit on pallets will be 14.560 MTs.

Such packing is normally used for short destinations, for example, between Jebel Ali and Sharjah port.This is mainly used for re-packing process.Pallets are wooden and stiff enough to hold the drums for 2-3 days short trips.

Bitumen flexi

Flexigum is a two- components elastomeric sealing material of the highest quality, to be applied by spraying.

Flexigum is based on a special bitumen emulsion, enriched with high concentration polymeric latex of the highest quality. The polymeric latex endows Flexigum with an especially high elasticity and resistance to a wide range of temperatures.

Flexigum is used for sealing basement walls, tunnels, basement floors and large decks.

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